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Customer Service & Support

Our Support Plans

Unlock exceptional customer care with our tailored support plans, designed to meet your unique needs. Enjoy 24/7 assistance, expert guidance, and quick resolutions. Choose the perfect plan to ensure your success and satisfaction today!

Classic Support

Are you a growing company with a tight budget? Classic support services are available by
default with your Project Development with us, You can reach out to our support team
through email, call, or chat, or request for a remote assistance session.

Premium Support

Schedule guided one-on-one onboarding sessions with our product experts and get 24- hour multi-channel assistance. Premium support gives you that extra boost you need to configure and successfully roll out your New Project Development for your business.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support is an all-in-one service that combines prioritized technical assistance and issue resolution with strategic account management, insight-driven guidance, and pre-emptive support. Eligibility to subscribe to Enterprise Support is determined during the product purchase process.

Our Support Policy

At Technothinksup, we go beyond creating software that addresses your business challenges. Our dedicated support team is equally committed to helping your business adopt our products and achieve your goals. Our diligent support staff excels at identifying issues, resolving them proactively, and assisting you every step of the way.

The table below outlines Technothinksup’s customer support tiers and the services included:

Availability & Cost
Available by default for all Clients with your Project / Product
Available by default for all Paid Project / Product AMCs
Custom Pricing as per requirement.

Response time
24 Hours
8 Business Hours
1 Hour
Live chat support

8 Business Hours x 5 Days
24 hours x 5 Days

Phone support 


8 Business Hours x 5 Days
24 Hours x 5 Days
Knowledge base

Community forums

Email support

Self-service portal

Remote assistance


Business Hours: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM from Monday to Friday
Note : ‘Maximum Response time’ refers to the time our representatives will take to respond to the support issues raised by you. This does not indicate the issue resolution time. ‘Onboarding’ refers to one-on-one guidance and coaching sessions from our product / Project experts on how to set up and useYour Project / Product efficiently for your business.

Enterprise Support and Technical Account Management Policy

Included Services:

Terms and Conditions :

1. Scope of Support:
  • Support plans are strictly for technical issue resolutions.
  • No new feature requests / Customization in existing Developed Feature will be entertained under these support plans.
  • Technical support will be provided only for existing developed features.
  • No modifications or New Feature development requests will be entertained.
2. Remote Support Only:
  • Support is provided exclusively through remote channels.
  • No physical training or support will be included in these support plans.
3. Exclusions:
  • Accounting consultations and IT consultations are not included.
  • For IT consultation needs, separate plans are available starting from 15,000 per 1-hour consultation meeting (remote meeting only).
Meeting Platform:
  • All online meetings will be conducted through our Zoho Meeting Platform.
  • No physical meetings will be arranged under these support plans.
Payment Terms:
  • All support plan payments must be made 100% upfront.
Support Requests:
  • All support requests will be served only if your Support Plan Subscription is active. Otherwise, you must renew Support Policy Subscription Plan before raising any support requests in All Support Plans.

If you are looking for any assistance with your Technothinksup services or products, you can submit a support request . If you want to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise Support, you can do so directly from your profile in your purchased Technothinksup service or product, or you can send an email to sales@technothinksup.com

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